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Mob who?

Hi. We're MobT Media, a young Baltimore area production house specializing in real estate videography & commercial filmmaking.

Our name is born of Baltimore's second most popular nickname, "Mobtown." We seek to serve Mobtown and its surrounding areas by offering up the full force of our creative arsenal and experience to all who need it. Our creativity is yours to wield!


Planning. It's the key to any quality product. We can take your tangled strands of ideas, feelings, wants, and needs; and spin them into a beautiful web of scripts, storyboards, production bibles, and schedules.


Shooting it. Whether it's a luxury home practically inside the inner-harbor, or a heartfelt graduation, we've got you covered. From all the best angles.


Where the real magic happens. Need 3D text tracking? Cool, inventive titles? Good music to accompany those juicy visuals? We can do all that and more.

How can we help?

Yes, it's true.

For now at MobT Media, we're a one man army from pre to post. But that doesn't mean we don't produce high-quality, professional videos.

See for yourself by watching some of our past work here.

Behind our efforts though is a larger production company that focuses on non-commercial filmmaking: Infinity Moon Productions.


This, in essence, is Infinity Moon Productions' commercial videography division. And should the need arise, MobT Media can always call on our partnerships with other local video professionals to get the job done.

Our Clients

JB 1k Lo-res headshot.jpg
JB Arbogast
Writer & Producer

Our "Family"

JB Arbogast
Director & Cinematographer
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JB Arbogast

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MobT Media

is a proud subsidiary of

Infinity Moon Productions.

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