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Our Story

About Us

by JB Arbogast

Infinity Moon Productions is a video productions company that I founded in 2012. It began as an outlet for my friends, family, and I to make videos just for our own enjoyment. For years, the only way to view our content was on a private website, which was designed & monitored by myself and the still-existent IMP Web Team.

Just one year after IMP’s creation, I created a sub-division of our already small organization called Bicameral productions. The name Bicameral, meaning “two house,” represented any movie Infinity Moon Productions did in conjunction with Collin Little, my neighbor and long time friend. For years we collaborated on projects ranging from spy action movies to goofy heist comedies.

Infinity Moon and Bicameral Productions remained separate until the Spring of 2017. Collin and his family were set to move to Florida, and we decided to close Bicameral Productions for good.

In the Summer of 2017, the IMP Team and I decided to take our all-private website and its videos completely public by moving them to our YouTube channel and Facebook page, where they reside today.

In the year following our public debut, we broke barriers, & flew far beyond our goals. Our videos reached over 7,000 people on Facebook alone - more than all our previous years combined. We also introduced our partnership with A&E Studios. Similar to Bicameral Productions, all A&E Studios films are collaborative work between myself and the very talented Chris Edwards.

In Spring of 2019 we unveiled our newest production house, MobT Media. This division of our creative team is responsible for the commercial videography we serve up to our amazing Baltimore-area clients. 

I'm amazed at how far we've come as an organization, and I'm excited to see how far we will go. I love making content to show our dedicated audience, and love that I created something that’s helped inspire others in the community to take up video-making.

I take our slogan, “Dare to Dream” to heart. If you have an idea, make it a reality. Who cares if anyone’s watching?

- JB Arbogast, Founder and Owner of IMP

Meet The IMP Team

Our Family

JB Arbogast

Founder & Owner

Head of Communications & Production

Director, Actor, Editor, Writer, Producer, DP

JB.Edited-2917 copy.png
Philip Arbogast

Actor, Writer, Producer, DP

Head of Acting & Team Development

Chris Headshot_edited.jpg
Chris Edwards

Co-Owner of A&E Studios

Director, Actor, Editor, Writer, Producer, DP

Julia Arbogast

Actor, Writer

Head of Creative Development

Collin Little

Actor, Director, Writer, Editor, DP

Co-Founder of Bicameral Productions

Reilly Arbogast

Actor, Writer, Director

Head of Dare to Dream Initiatives

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