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Our Story

About Us

Infinity Moon Productions is a video production company I founded in 2012. It began as an outlet for my friends, family, and I to make videos just for our own enjoyment.

In the Summer of 2017, we decided to take our all-private website and its videos completely public by moving them to our YouTube channel and Facebook page, where they can be viewed today. In the year following our public debut, we broke barriers, & flew far beyond our goals. Our videos reached over 7K people on Facebook alone - more than all our previous years combined. We also launched our partner company with Chris Edwards: A&E Studios.

In Spring of 2019 we unveiled our newest production house, MobT Media. This division is responsible for the commercial videography we serve up to our amazing Baltimore-area clients.


Despite obvious challenges and setbacks brought on by the global pandemic, we remained ambitious throughout the early 2020s. We created crowd-sourced short films that became our biggest and most popular to date. "Delivered," our short film commenting on the pandemic, earned an honorable mention in the Sept. 2021 IndieEye Film Awards and their podcast, as well as an official selection at Balticon 56 (BSSSFFF). It was one of 23 films overall, and one of only 3 American films screened. "Maroon," My final short film as a student at TU, was honored with an official selection in the 2022 Ocean City Film Festival. This crazy 17 minute sci-fi was a massive, roughly $4,000 undertaking with 62 total cast/crew credits, including 2 co-directors, 2 production designers, a composer, and many more.

I'm amazed at how far we've come, and I'm beyond excited to see how far we will go. I love making content to show our dedicated audience, and love that I created something that’s helped inspire others in the community to take up filmmaking.

If you have an idea, make it a reality. Who cares if anyone’s watching?

- JB Arbogast, Founder and Owner of IMP, MobT Media

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